Nacre is the layer of thickness underlying the pearl. Tahitian Pearls have a nacre of 2-4mm thick. The nacre implicates the foundation and longevity of the pearl. The nacre of the pearl can be seen by LeMana Perles during the drilling as the jewelry is made.

Luster is the brightness and shine of the pearl. One can often measure the luster of objects reflected on the pearl’s surface.

Surface Quality has a lot to do with the grading of the pearl. LeMana Perles grading scale is true to the buyer’s in Tahiti. Birthmarks are referred to the imperfections on the pearl. It does not necessarily reflect the luster of the pearl.

Grade A: 90% Blemish Free Surface with no deep imperfections. Very High Luster with detailed face and reflection.

Grade B: 70-80% Blemish Free Surface with few imperfections. High to medium Luster with Good face and reflection.

Grade C: 60% Blemish Free Surface with more than 3 imperfections. Low Luster with very little face and reflection.

Grade D: is not an option at LeMana Perles. We take pride in quality to our customers.

Size of the pearl varies. More commonly are 8mm to 14mm Tahitian Pearls. 

  • Circle

  • Near Round

  • Oval

  • Round

  • Tear Drop

  • Keishi