If you love perles as much as we do, that means you wear your perles often. Thus we need to keep our perles staying as pleasing as possibly.   Our golden rule at LeMana Perles is “Perles are last to put on, but first to take off.” We do this in order to keep our perles from being overly exposed to the the oils in the everyday products that we wear from perfume, cosmetics and hairsprays to our body oils and perspirations, leaving a good amount for the skin product to settle before adorning in a perle of choice.

All of these pose the ability to dull the brilliance and elegance of a perle. When removing perles for the daily wear a rule of thumb is to wipe them down with a clean soft t-shirt material to avoid scratches and remove the oil that maybe on the surface of a perle. Perles are also organic in makeup; allowing them the ability to breath is very important to their longevity. If a perle is wrapped in a sealed container or bag for long periods of time it may cause them to dull.